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Book a consultation with our Clinical Director or one of our Patient Care Coordinators today to see how we can provide help to your clinic.



Patient Clinical Assessment

Our Clinical Director provides collegial clinical case review on patient cases that are requested by the referring Physician.  We guarantee your patient will be contacted within 24 hrs.  A comprehensive 15 to 30 minute interview decides the next steps in the patient navigation process.

Patient Navigation

Our Patient Navigation Specialists are in communication with your clinic and patient throughout the whole process.  Once the patient has completed the assessment, they will be navigated to the appropriate Specialist/Surgeon.  All scheduling updates, requests for more information, and consult notes will be sent to the referring physician.  If a procedure/surgery is indicated, we will coordinate with your office and communicate all the necessary steps with your patient.

Rehabilitation Services

Depending on the overall need of the patient, we can provide a physical therapy/rehabilitation solution through our network.  We help navigate current day to day rehabilitation or postoperative care at the clinic or home level.

Specialty Pharmacy

We provide medication services, prescription refills and transfers, home delivery, and private consultation.  From our proprietary foot soak and erectile dysfunction products, to our host of pain, scar and metabolic formulas, we have all your specialty needs covered.

Clinical Screenings

We can assist our clinics by offering multiple screenings which include cancer, genetic, cardio metabolic, and range of motion.  We truly believe these type of screenings can help identify the pathway to better overall wellness.

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